A prayer request.

Hello again.
Well, I (Jami) am in need of prayer. I, in the past month have been not only feeling well, but I’ve had almost a feeling of depression. I know I am not depressed though, so I wouldn’t say that is what it is for sure. Ted has been so great to me in this time, really challenging me, encouraging me, and loving me. The thing I am struggling the most with right now, is trusting God. Especially in the area of my identity. It’s been a hard thing over the years, but i felt for a while I have finally come to understand my freedom in Christ and my Identity in Him.

It has been incredibly tough lately. I think what I let happen, is one lie from the enemy at a time, leading me into this ‘rut’ that I seemed to be in most of my life.

I am writing, being completely vunerable, and asking for your prayers. I believe this is an attack on me, and i DO NOT want to give up right now. I am starting as a small group leader next quarter, so that could even be the reason for why this attack now. I really need your prayers to grow in the truth this season and not to fall back into who I was before.

I really want to walk in the fullness of who I am in Christ. Which is not what I am doing lately, and it IS something I long for.

Than you. Love,

Jami Joann

3 thoughts on “A prayer request.

  1. Dody Kettler says:

    Jami,I am praying right now sweetie and will continue to do so. I know the Lord has big plans for you and Ted and the enemy has no authority over either of you. Rest in the peace of the Lord in your heart. Much LOVE!Mrs. K


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m praying for you, Jami. You are a child of the Father, so rest and be content in Him. I encourage you to pray through Psalm 145.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Jami,I’m praying for you, I know that the lord has wonderful plans for you. You are a stong, beautiful, intelligent woman! I love you, so many love you. If you ever need to talk, you know the email also give me a call.Love and missDanielle M.


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