Where we may be headed. . .( ! )

Hey Everyone,
Sorry its been so long. Still no updated photos of our honeymoon. Our laptop crashed and well, died, before the wedding, and the base computers won’t allow me to download any photos onto it, so…yeah we are looking at saving money specifically for a laptop, which at this rate will take a while. BUT we will find a way to post some cancun photos!

Well an update on what may be happening this next quarter starting on Oct. 1. Ted and I are officially on (DTS) Disipleship Training School staff! Which is a first for me, and a first for Ted and I to work together in a school, and really, in ministry! We will be working as small group leaders. Probably a leader of 3 or 4 students!!!We are SO thrilled!! Many of you know, and if you don’t you now will, but YWAM Denver also has a mountian campus located in the beautiful rocky mountians foothills. It is about a 45 minute drive into the mountains, and it is GORGEOUS! We will most likely be working with what is called the Eagle Rock campus DTS, depending on the number of students! its is an exciting, breathtaking place to spend basically three months, minus the weekends where we will be down in arvada at our apartment.

An exciting oportunity may be arising as well. . . to go to thailand with the DTS off of this next fall school. Ted and I are praying that we will be able to assist the outreach, but as of right now this is up in the air. I feel though that for a season Ted and I will be in Thailand, not long term, and i am praying that this is the time. If not we are totally more than willing to serve at the base.
Our “Longterm plans”… These are most definetely being prayed through, worked out, which doesn’t necissarily mean smoothed out, but they are in the making! Many of you know, Ted has been to Afghanistan to serve at the world advocates base for 6 months, and he still has such a heart to return. We have prayed about when, and the time , and such, and as of right now, we are only planning to spend 6 months to a year serving with them. The timing of this we do not know, but it seems to be a little farther off in the distance.

More recently God has laid upon our hearts, a somewhat random destination. Amsterdam, Holland. Which, honeslty when the thought first was spoken to me, by my hubby, i was like, oh man here we go again! Then God began to really confirm things left and right, in random ways, and not at al the way i thought. He did not speak to us through YWAM staff here, expressing a need there. It was indeed VERY very random. From moments where a word was given to the community regarding “How many confirmations will it take for you to go?” to little funny things like a random guy walking up the receptionists desk where i am, to ask a question, and totally throwing me off by what his shirt said, in large letters. Amsterdam, Holland…!

You may be thinking, well they always talk, but we’ll see. Or Jami, its was just a t-shirt…but i do NOT believe in coincidences rarely ever. And even if this will not happen, i just love being able to have a random destitation whispered into our hearts, a new passion stirred within, and the fact that we are trusting God, even with how incredibly different this plan may be.

Ted contacted YWAM Amsterdam, and they will soon be sending us information on their base and the ministries they run. We will most likely be looking at leaving staff with a blessing from Peter and Linda in March of 08 and raising support to head over hopefully by December of 2008 or January of 2009.

Please be praying for Ted and I in this decision. As of right now we are basically just stepping forward in this new dream, and to trust God completly wherever he may lead us. Honestly i am thrilled to just be serving Him, and i know that the passions and gifts that He has placed in Ted and I are not to be used in Vain. He will use them to the fullest and i believe that will all of my heart!

Well we love you, and we will be updating on here regularly. I will let you know by email. If you wish not not read these please feel free to email and let me know!

Ted & Jami Davis

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